Now your fundraising can work just as hard.
You know how it is — There aren’t enough hours in the day or fundraising drives in the year to achieve the goals you have for your nonprofit, school or religious institution. But thanks to Delicious Donations, you now have an always-on fundraising mechanism that doesn’t require volunteers to participate in another drive or supporters to make another contribution. Just send out an email (we’ll even help you with the wording), get folks to download and use the app and just like that, an amazing 11% to 25% of what they spend at participating restaurants will go directly to your bottom line. It’s high-level fundraising that works as hard for your cause as you do.
Who uses Delicious Donations?
No matter the school, team or club, there’s no shortage of school fundraisers. And all of them seem to rely on the same tried-and-true but labor-intensive, door-to-door tactics. Until now. By downloading and using the Delicious Donations app, you can raise a lot of money for your group without actually having to do a bunch of work or ask people for donations.
Community Organizations
Whatever your cause, we know that in this competitive environment where every dollar is contested, Delicious Donations is a game changer. It’s a program that works 24/7 and provides an entirely supplemental revenue stream that doesn’t detract from your other fundraising efforts. Just get your supporters to download the app and start accruing the easiest donations in the pro bono world.
Religious Institutions
If there’s a Good Book, this is certainly the good app. And it can help you fund everything from child welfare programs to necessary repairs for your church, synagogue, mosque or temple. With 11% to 25% of every purchase going directly to your religious organization, if all your worshippers downloaded the Delicious Donations app, Heaven knows what you could accomplish.